We give an award to the top sales guy, to the person with 25 years of service, to the truck driver with 1 million miles without a chargeable accident. We believe in the power of recognition. The why we do it may seem obvious, but it is a lot more than that.

We use recognition to:

  • Create a culture within the company that affects every attitude.

  • Say thanks and applaud success.

  • Teach others what we as an organization want to achieve.

  • Increase retention of employees.

  • Support Mission and Values.

  • Engage employees.

  • Encourage loyalty.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • In summation, we believe in using recognition everyday to improve the bottom line. If that's important to you, then we're speaking the same language. Come with us on this journey.

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    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Over Half the Workforce not Satisfied with Recognition

    Posted by Curt Denevan:

    • 39% of workers don't feel appreciated at work
    • 52% are not satisfied with the level of recognition they receive
    • 38% are actively looking for a new job

    Pretty frightening statistics. These come from a September 2011 Globoforce Work Mood Tracker survey which got input from employed U.S. workers to determine how recognition affects their work. 

    If you feel that perhaps you have waited too long to show your employees some appreciation, know this: Even when employees have one foot out the door, 77% of employees dissatisfied with their employer say they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized.

    While the solution seems simple, it all starts with the commitment from the top. Is your senior leadership committed to effective employee recognition, or is everyone too busy? Clearly, with these statistics, if you ignore your employees, they'll go away.

    For more information on employee recognition programs, see  

    Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Current Trends in Recognition

    Posted by Curt Denevan:

    Interesting thoughts provided by Mike Liubinskas, the co-founder of Pollenizer & Web Startups and a graduate of the Australian Graduate School of Management.
    • Young people want more recognition than financial.
    • Combining them reduces the value of each - i.e. paying someone for an excellent  job takes away from the positive esteem value of the recognition. 
    • Teams are more likely to share positive recognition with each other if it's pure recognition. 
    • People want a balance of daily small bits of recognition and occasional (a few times per year) big recognition.
    Seems like the folks in Sidney see things pretty much the same as we do over here. For more information on recognition, see

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Thesaurus of Recognition Terms

    Posted by Curt Denevan:

    Thesaurus of Award Terms for Inscriptions

    ABILITY - talent, intellect, aptitude, propensity, inclination
    ACCOMPLISHMENT - fulfillment, completion, achievement, realization, attainment, triumph, victory, success, consummation
    ACHIEVEMENT - attainment, accomplishment, consummation, realization, triumph success
    APPRECIATION - thankfulness, gratefulness, obliged, indebted, gratitude, regard, esteem, respect
    ASSISTANCE - support, aid, help, to serve, collaborating with, contribution
    ASSISTANT - aide, helper, acolyte, friend, associate, colleague, second in command, patron, backer, ancillary, adjutant, partner, co-worker, ally
    BEAUTIFUL - lovely, attractive, comely, pretty, elegant, superb, grand, handsome, radiant, ravishing, gorgeous
    BELOVED - loved, adored, worshiped, cherished, dear, favorite, precious, treasured, darling, endeared, valued
    BEST - finest, hightest, first, premium, crowning, incomparable, greatest, top-notch, unequaled, choice
    BESTOW - To present as a gift or an honor; confer
    CAREFULLY - conscientiously, exactly, rigidly, precisely, fastidiously
    CEREMONY - function, commemoration, memorial, rite, ritual, pageant, observance
    CERTIFY - guarantee, attest, confirmed, endorse, assure
    COMMEND - accredit, laud, acclaim, endorse, recommend, approve, acclaim
    CONTINUED - sustained, perseverance, perpetual, sanctioning, enduring, on-going, unrelenting, extended
    CONTRIBUTION - endowment, commitments, donation, sharing, supplying, present, bestowal, charity
    COOPERATION - collaboration, participation, alliance, assistance, team-work, concurrence
    Dedication - devotion, efforts, untiring efforts, commitment
    DEPENDABLE - trustworthy, mainstay, anchor, confidant, patron, reliable, faithful, loyal, unfailing, true
    DETERMINATION - resolution, certainty, persistence, conviction, steadfastness, perseverance, intransigence
    DEVELOP - extend, expand, advance, promote, build, enrich, cultivate
    DILIGENT - zealous, energetic, vigorous, undeviating, assiduous, unremitting, intense, industrious, persistent
    DISTINGUISHED - illustrious, venerable, renowned, honored, celebrated, esteemed, remarkable, outstanding, great, extraordinary
    EDUCATION - edification, enrichment, teaching, instruction, enlightenment, tutelage, knowledge
    EFFORT - endeavor, labor, work, undertaking, venture, task commitment, exertion
    EMPHASIS - underline, dramatize, pronounce, accentuate, underscore, punctuate
    ENDURING - lasting, permanent, surviving, continual, unchanging, uninterrupted, tenacious, perennial, tolerating
    ESTABLISH - institute, found, formulate, construct, organize, inaugurate, start, bring about
    EXCELLENT - magnificent, supreme, peerless, foremost, exemplary, desirable, paramount, superior, superlative, exceptional, tremendous, wonderful
    FRIENDSHIP - association, brotherhood, companionship, confidant
    GIVE - grant, bestow, confer, impart, present, award, convey, contribute to, lavish upon
    GUIDANCE - direction, leadership, supervision, management, oversight, suggestion, counsel
    HAPPY - joyous, merry, convivial, congenial, mirthful, charmed, spirited
    INSTILL - infuse, impress, inspire
    INVOLVEMENT - link, connection, participation, affiliation, commitment
    JUDGEMENT - knowledge, discrimination, understanding, perception, acuteness, keenness, intuition
    KINDNESS - good intentions, consideration, helpfulness, indulgence, courtesy, thoughtfulness, altruism, graciousness
    LEADERSHIP - administration, authority, foresight, command, supremacy
    NOBLE - honorable, heroic, brilliant, excellent, princely, magnanimous, courtly, dignified, splendid, exalted, distinguished
    OUTSTANDING - notable, distinguished, highly regarded, impressive, worthy, considerable, enthusiastic
    PATIENCE - forbearance, fortitude, composure, endurance
    PRAISE - applaud, cheer, acclaim, endorse, eulogize, admire
    PRESENTED - awarded, bestowed, conferred, given, endowed, delivered
    PROFIT - benefit, thrive, prosper, gain
    PROMOTE - advance, forward, encourage, expand, nourish, improve, bolster
    RECOGNITION - in acknowledgement of, remembrance, acknowledgement, commendation
    RESPECT - esteem, honor, regard, admiration
    RETIREMENT - withdrawal, resignation, departure
    SERVICE - assistance, cooperation, performance of duty, help, servitude
    SINCERELY - truthfully, honestly, earnestly, genuinely, profoundly
    SPECIAL - exceptional, distinctive, unusual, unique, exclusive, extraordinary
    SUPPORT - upkeep, responsibility for, provide, promote, sustain, further, maintain, patronize, subsidize
    THANKS - appreciation, gratefulness, acknowledgement, gratitude

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