We give an award to the top sales guy, to the person with 25 years of service, to the truck driver with 1 million miles without a chargeable accident. We believe in the power of recognition. The why we do it may seem obvious, but it is a lot more than that.

We use recognition to:

  • Create a culture within the company that affects every attitude.

  • Say thanks and applaud success.

  • Teach others what we as an organization want to achieve.

  • Increase retention of employees.

  • Support Mission and Values.

  • Engage employees.

  • Encourage loyalty.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • In summation, we believe in using recognition everyday to improve the bottom line. If that's important to you, then we're speaking the same language. Come with us on this journey.

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    Monday, July 18, 2011

    On-The-Spot Recognition Programs: Instant Awards Points Cards

    Posted by Curt Denevan:

    Are you looking for ways of implementing an on-the-spot recognition program, but need an easy way to implement the program and still control the budget? Here you go!
    • Review your program goals and objectives.
    • Key in on a handful of meaningful targets that can be implemented.
    • Determine your budget.
    • Establish the timeline.
    • Prepare communications: announcement, tracking and follow up.
    • Order recognition cards in denominations that fit your budget.
    • When you catch someone doing something right, present them with a card!
    • Watch what happens next. The recipient can go to the website and cash in right away, or they can save them up and cash them in all at once.
    • Each card has a unique award code, unique to that card, so it can only be used once.
    • They have no expiration date nor additional fees and are available in denominations of $1, $3, $5, 10, $15, $20, 25, $50, $100.
    • Orders arrive in 10-14 business days.
    • Unused points are kept in the employee points account for future purchases.
    • Points cards are password protected for security.
    How can you make sure the program is successful?
    • Let them know what you are recognizing. Be specific. What they did to be recognized?
    • Connect their behavior to the organization's values and mission.
    • Recognize how the behavior represents the employee's best qualities, such as integrity, dedication, or accountability.

    Here are just a few reasons to recognize an employee on-the-spot with an Instant Award Points Card.
    • Always willing to help another employee
    • Taking initiative when needed
    • Making it happen
    • Stepping up and leading
    • Providing outstanding customer service
    • Sharing new ideas
    • Having a fantastic attitude
    • Having a positive approach to a problem
    • Being resourceful in accomplishing goals
    • Meeting a deadline on time
    • Going above and beyond expectations
    • Contributing to a project's success
    • Staying the course
    • Being a team player
    • Exhibiting dedication day in and day out
    • Acting as a mentor
    • Showing a can-do spirit
    • Thinking out of the box
    • Consideration of others
    For more information, contact RCB at 800-929-9110.  RCB Awards

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Its All About The Ring

    Posted by Curt Denevan:

    The world of professional sports has the one ultimate goal defining success for an athlete. The Ring. The Championship Ring. 

    In spite of the NFL lockout, the presentation of the Championship Rings to the Green Bay Packers players, staff and executives was an event that was not going to be missed. The team got special permission from the NFL to hold the event, and all but three players were in attendance (one was in the delivery room with his wife).  Charles Woodson played for a lot of dreadful teams over the years, and it was always his dream to win the Ring. Executive Mark Murphy talked about how the Ring symbolizes the Packers championship tradition in excellent fashion.

    Clearly the pride of winning the biggest prize of them all is evident in the smiles, and even the peace pipe that owners and players smoked during this truce in the NFL war. Contrast this with the far out attitude of Mark Cuban, NBA owner, whose Dallas Mavericks just won the NBA Championship. While his players, coaches and front office staff were clearly looking forward to getting a ring, he burst everyone's bubble with the announcement that there would be no ring for the NBA World Champions. Perhaps a Championship Bracelet, he suggested? The team, not a single one of which had ever won a championship ring, were all opposed to this. To a player, they all scoffed at Cuban's notion that a ring was old school and thus no longer relevant. He said he wants to take it to the next level, with something different. I don't think so!

    Athletes want the Ring. Owners want the Ring (well, most), and staff want the ring. The NFL pays $5,000 per ring, up to 150 rings, and the teams pick up any additional cost. The 4 marquis diamonds on the Packers ring represent 4 World Championships. 13 diamonds in the G represent each of the 13 NFL Championships. The 92 smaller diamonds represent the 92 year history of the club. Lambeau Field is on one shank, the Lombardi Trophy is on the other. The players jersey number is circled, just like on the first jersey the team wore. The inside of the ring is engraved Mind, Goal, Purpose, Heart, which was the inspirational motto of the team. The rings are made of platinum, with 14K gold, and weigh 116 grams. Wow! Fans can order their own version of the ring, also made by Jostens, at the Packers Pro Shop.

    It's all about the ring. Don't doubt this. After 14 seasons for Charles Woodson, it just doesn't get any sweeter than this.