We give an award to the top sales guy, to the person with 25 years of service, to the truck driver with 1 million miles without a chargeable accident. We believe in the power of recognition. The why we do it may seem obvious, but it is a lot more than that.

We use recognition to:

  • Create a culture within the company that affects every attitude.

  • Say thanks and applaud success.

  • Teach others what we as an organization want to achieve.

  • Increase retention of employees.

  • Support Mission and Values.

  • Engage employees.

  • Encourage loyalty.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • In summation, we believe in using recognition everyday to improve the bottom line. If that's important to you, then we're speaking the same language. Come with us on this journey.

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    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Troubled Economy is No Excuse

    President, Tailored Label Products Inc.
    Industry: Printer of custom labels and related products.
    Tailored Label Products Inc., a Menomonee Falls-based printer of custom labels and other products, has won numerous awards for its workplace recognition programs. The company believes the programs build morale, enhance employee buy-in and ultimately play a role in its success. Mike Erwin, president of the company, says companies need to continue with their recognition programs, even during a down economy and lower sales environment.

    “Can you remember the first gold star you received in grade school or the blue ribbon you earned for a science fair project? Can you remember your first winning baseball season where everyone on the team received a trophy and a trip to the Dairy Queen?
    “Working in an enthusiastic and recognition-based environment sets the engagement bar even higher for business leaders in a tough economy, when finding ways to recognize outstanding performance and achievement is not as easy. Some of my business friends suspended their companies’ reward tool box as a cost-cutting measure during this recession. One said he did not want to take a bunch of flack about providing gift cards for hitting goals after a wage freeze. Another said employee feedback had already prevented her from implementing a new program that was developed prior to the recession.
    “Using the troubled economy as an excuse to suspend recognition is the easy way out and may have a bigger impact on causing what I call ‘value decay.’ We set expectations to drive a culture of results and integrate rewards alongside those same expectations. “Recognition needs to be an essential part of: keeping momentum in place; remaining focused on the goals of the business; and staying true to the values and expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees. Rewards need to take on a life of their own. Now is the time to turn up the creative juices to identify clever rewards that offer a meaningful payoff. You think they will come back to work wired for more? You bet!”

    Originally published in the BizTimes Milwaukee, February 19, 2010.
    True story from last week. Grandma was very impressed with the 9 year old's improvement in his school work, which had been a sore spot. She was so pleased she offered to take the boy out and do something fun. She suggested it to him and asked what he would like to do or what he wanted. A movie, out to McDonalds, dinner with friends, anything. He said, he wanted a trophy. When she asked, Why, he replied, because it means Honor.

    We love it!

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    RCB Awards attended the Awards and Recognition Association International Awards Market held all last week. "We will be bringing exciting new products and services to our community", said Cindi Denevan, owner. Also attending was the company operations manager. Much time was spent in continuing eduction seminars learning innovative techniques that create sizzling awards from the industry leaders. RCB features a large variety of awards for every occasion, as well as on-site engraving and glass etching. The business was founded 20 years ago and is known for its wide selection of merchandise and hassle-free shopping experience. A new website was recently launched which features over 4,000 new products. The blog offers information on creating recognition programs as well as famous awards in history.